Amazing Adult Snow White Costume for Women

If you’re going to cosplay a DS princess, who better than the first DS princess ever created! I’ll give you a hint; she has hair as black as the night, skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and eyes as blue as the sky. You guessed it! It’s Snow White, without her 7 dwarfs of course.

Snow white is a great choice to cosplay as, I mean she is the most beautiful, kind and innocent DS princesses ever created, why wouldn’t you want to be her?

With Snow White, you can play with the colors of her dress. You can choose the gold, red, blue, pink you use because snow white was known to look beautiful in any color she donned. She truly was the perfect princess and if you want to emulate her well, never fear, just head on to and all your problems are guaranteed to be solved.

 Custom Snow White Dress for you

The dress of your choice should be according to your specifications and if you give the exact measurements then it will be. The fabric of the dress will be as soft as a cloud so it swirls around you the way it does on Snow White in the animation.

The measurements you need to provide are as follows, make sure that they are accurate and there is no error so that your dress comes out perfect and no alteration or changes would need to be made.

  1.    Height______inches/cm
  2.    Bust______inches/cm
  3.    Waist______inches/cm   
  4.    Hips______inches/cm
  5.    Shoulder______inches/cm


The Snow White Cosplay hair

Snow white is widely known as the princess with the shortest hair. So if you want to properly cosplay her than buy a black Snow White wig and put a headband with embroidered flowers, on the wig, on your head. This way you will be even more like Snow White than before.


Snow White is a very easy character to cosplay, all you need to do is look pretty and make sure that your dress has come out perfectly. To make your character more authentic, try holding an apple or a bird around you. You could even ask your friends to cosplay as the 7 dwarfs. Complete the Snow White and the 7 dwarfs picture so to speak. If you a partner you could ask him to play Prince Charming and you can guarantee yourself an absolutely magical night to remember.

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