About Us

CoserZ team provide with top quality cosplay costumes and efficient friendly customer service. 
All the costumes are specially custom-made for you with your exact measurements, and we treat each one with utmost care and dedication. When it comes to customer service, we want to be the friendliest company you can find and help our customers whatever the query or problem.
Why shop with CoserZ
Shop with confidence:
We treat our customers with respect and make every effort to make them satisfied with our products. When you shop with us, you will definitely be satisfied. It is our belief that when you shop with us, your information is also completely confidential and secure. Therefore, we make use of the best security checkout. At CoserZ.com, we deliver on this expectation and even go an extra mile. Whenever sensitive information is collected from you, like contact information and credit card data, the information is encrypted and transmitted in a very secure way.
Quality Cosplay Costumes
When you shop with us, you will definitely get the best quality products that you can ever come across. It is a fact that most other websites have very limited selection of products. we have wide range from princess dress,costumes to wigs ect.
Fast Shipping and Delivery
At Coserz.com, we are known for very fast shipping and delivery. Products ordered from us are shipped within 5-10 business days and we give every order top priority. We also take into consideration things like special orders, large orders, out of stock items, custom items and orders made during holiday seasons. We have good customer service. That is why our customers keep coming back for more and even the latest products. We are always encouraging feedback from all our customers and also give them the opportunity to suggest products and many other things desired from us.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is in fact our top concern. We also do our best every day to make sure that our prices are the best you can ever come across online or offline. We are constantly checking our prices to ensure that people get the best value.