C106 Gorgeous Cinderella Dress for Adults Ball Gown Costume

We all have a deep love for princesses Cinderella because she was kind,  beautiful and made us believe in happy ever afters. We have so many reasons to adore her and recreate her gorgeous look for our cosplay parties. Numerous celebrities have worn ball gowns similar to the dress of this iconic fictional character.

We don’t necessarily need a  glass slipper to feel like Cinderella instead just a classic beautiful ball gown can do the trick. If you are in hunt of finding the best Cinderella Dress, we have got you covered.  Check out this website to get the Gorgeous Cinderella Dress Cosplay Park Version at https://www.coserz.com/collections/cinderella-cartoon/products/c106-gorgeous-cinderella-dress-cosplay-costume-park-version

  • Custom design

If you want to get your dress custom-made, kindly do follow the measurements chart given below and we will provide you the right fit dress according to your specific requirements. Please ask any questions prior to ordering to make the purchase process more convenient.


1 Height______inches/cm

2 Bust______inches/cm

3 Waist______inches/cm   

4 Hips______inches/cm

5 Shoulder______inches/cm


NOTE: All these measurements are important for custom fitting of dress. Please provide accurate measurements.

  • Free of cost express delivery

You can also order express delivery without any extra cost. Get in touch and place your order now.


Getting ready for the Cinderella dress cosplay:

When shopping for the perfect ball gown, it’s necessary to think of your dress from all angles. The dress must be tailored to your exact body shape with accurate fitting to make you look as beautiful as possible. It should not only look fabulous but it must have the power to reflect your signature style.  This Cinderella dress is designed with perfection emphasizing all the details as the original version shown in images. Soft material of this dress makes it easy to get on and off.

The little details of this gorgeous dress really make it very special for any of your costume parties. Wear this beautiful Cinderella dress and we assure you that all eyes will be on you!

This dress is made of the best quality fabric similar to those used to make bridal dressed and then it’s professionally sewn to look as splendid as the real version. A softer shade of light blue and glittery silver sparkles with magic.

Vintage Hairstyle

This retro style bun is the perfect hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face while you dance wearing this cinderella ball dress. For a classic look, don’t forget to accessorize your hairstyle with a headband of light blue color. It is lucky the dress comes with the headband. Why not get one now?

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