Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume
Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume
Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume
Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume
Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume

Elsa Dress, Elsa Cosplay costume, Elsa Blue Dresses Halloween Costume

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The item is accurate designed, emphasizing details and made according to the original version showed.
For the custom-made order, please advise your exact measurements as below and put them into the notes.
1 Height______inches/cm
2 Bust______inches/cm
3 Waist______inches/cm   
4 Hips______inches/cm
5 Shoulder______inches/cm
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Rush order is free to request, please contact us in time. Thank you very much.

For adult fans of the modern-classic animated film “Frozen”, finding appropriately sized Frozen Elsa Dress for fancy dress parties, Halloween nights, or general cosplaying can be a struggle. Most Frozen Elsa costumes are only available in children’s sizes, and don’t cater for older individuals who still want to have fun cosplaying as one of their favourite on-screen characters; particularly the character of Queen Elsa. Thankfully, CoserZ has you covered, with this enchanting, custom made Elsa dresses.

But what makes this Frozen Elsa dress so special? Let’s inspect the incredible Elsa Frozen costume more closely and show you why this dress is a must have for any cosplay enthusiast!


The most attractive thing about this fabulous Elsa dress is its gorgeous design.

Starting from the top and making our way down, let’s discuss each element of the Elsa Frozen dress cosplay costume, showing how every section contributes to an amazing final product.

The neckline is accentuated by a shimmering sequined necklace that gives that regel feeling that you’re looking for as a true queen.

Moving down, we come to the thin, air permeability element that cover the upper chest and collarbone, before flowing down towards the arms as light sleeves. Not only does this material look vintage, and continue that regel aura, it also makes the Elsa dress very light and breathable; perfect for parties or conventions where a room can become unbearably hot in a full body dress.

Now we come to the stand-out piece of the Elsa costume; the sparkling corset. It’s vibrant turquoise colouring and glimmer will catch the eyes of anyone who’s line of sight you happen to pass in front of.

The corset then seamlessly blends out into the bottom of the Frozen Elsa costume which drapes down to the ground and only further emphasises the grandeur of the dress.

Finally, we have the spectacular cape/cloak that cascades down the back of the neck and continues down to the floor. The cape emanates a feeling of importance and nobility, which is perfect for imitating on of the most well-known queens in popular culture!

Of course, we must again mention that the entire Elsa dress is fully customisable; from the height and shoulders to the waist, hips, and the bust.

All of these components come together to produce a perfect movie-replica that is great for any occasion.


For many similar Elsa cosplayers, the pricing always seems to be an issue; many high-quality costumes are priced extortionately high, especially if they are custom made. But not this one!

At just $219, it’s one of the most affordable costumes available, given its brilliant quality, and customisability which won’t cost you a single extra penny!

Even rush orders are free of charge, which is perfect for those who left their shopping a little last minute.


After everything we’ve just gone over, it’s highly unlikely that you’re still not convinced that this Frozen Elsa dress is one of the best on the market; but if, for whatever reason, you still have your doubts, you don’t just have to take our word for it! We have loads of great customer reviews that show just how great the product really is!

Taylor G. adds, “Such a beautiful dress! Impeccable fit and very high quality. I am so happy with my purchase.”

Amanda G. commented, “I rarely leave reviews, but this is worth it. Beautiful, well made. Will buy from this site again.”

And finally, Jamifer18 said, “When I first ordered the dress and there were no reviews, so it was a 50% chance, but after I received it, I was thrilled! It came in 3 pieces the sheer shirt, the corset, and the skirt. They fit great and I was a hit at the Phoenix Fan fest! Definitely the best Elsa dress I have found so far.”

These are just a few of the many 5-star reviews the product has received!