Women's Ursula Costume Plus Size for Adult

Many people want to be the hero, the princess but you know they’re just ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls,’ who don’t know the allure of dressing up as a villain especially if that villain is as dangerous as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. This sea which was cunning, sadistic and absolutely evil, so who better to cosplay than her wearing Ursula costume?

Ursula in the cartoon animated movie is depicted as part octopus and a little on the heavy side but designers today have made Ursula costume absolutely beautiful and oh so sensual. The guys and girls all around you would just drop from the absolute gorgeousness that you will ooze if you do the Ursula costume. So what are you waiting for? View this beautiful Ursula dress costume here https://www.coserz.com/collections/the-little-mermaid/products/little-mermaid-ursula-costume-plus-size-ursula-costume-adult-for-women for the perfect cosplay events.

Custom design (Available Standard Size or Plus Size Ursula costume)

The Ursula costume once again can be tailored to your measurements, skinny or thick. You just have to provide the following measurements accurately as below so that the designers can tailor the costume exactly to your body length and breadth. The measurements needed are here:

  1.    Height______inches/cm
  2.    Bust______inches/cm
  3.    Waist______inches/cm   
  4.    Hips______inches/cm
  5.    Shoulder______inches/cm

You can have as many ruffles as you want added in or subtracted, you can even play around with the colors but of course; if you want an accurate depiction then you would want to go with the original Ursula dress costume colors, i.e. Black and Purple. I mean who doesn’t love healthy dose darkness with a touch of purple in it.

The Ursula’s hair wig

One of the most iconic things about Ursula is her hairstyle. The standing up, absolutely wicked ‘do is what makes the sea witch Ursula stand out from all the other villains barring, of course, her tendency to give you legs in return for your voice. The dramatic standing up almost off – white hair is a must-do if you are cosplaying this particular villain.

The Ursula’s necklace

Last but absolutely not least is the necklace which contains the voice of Ariel inside, which is what you need to complete the look of your character.

Once you’re all dressed up and ready you can head out and scare or hypnotize everyone with your absolutely fabulous Ursula cosplay costume with all the needed fixings including; necklace, hair and don’t forget, the Makeup!

The familiar Purple, black and red lips makeup will truly make you shine at the party you are about to head to! Cosplay Ursula is amazing!!

More about Ursula costume from the movie The Little Mermaid, there is the way https://www.coserz.com/collections/the-little-mermaid

Your support will be our motivation and we will continue to provide better service and best quality costumes made by CoserZ for all our customers!

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