The Best Adult Megara Costume You Should not Miss

If you’re a Greek mythology fan, Megara costume is a perfect cosplay idea for you! This character Megara although not a princess has all the trappings of one. She is a woman fierce and does not need a man to rescue her from distress.

Megara is a very controversial character with the equal parts manipulative, kind, sweet and vengeful. She loves with all her heart but sometimes makes mistakes as well as any human does. Megara is a very good depiction of what humankind truly is.

So if you want to be sexy, provocative yet fierce and untouchable then head on to so that you can get the perfect Megara costume made for yourself without any form of hassle or delay. You can even put a rush order on it and have it ready for you to wear sooner than previously told.


Custom design

Megara’s dress in the animated cartoon is very form fitting so it goes without saying that you need to give the exact specification you want for this particular dress. To make this absolutely fabulous you need to give in the following measurements:

  1.    Height______inches/cm
  2.    Bust______inches/cm
  3.    Waist______inches/cm   
  4.    Hips______inches/cm
  5.    Shoulder______inches/cm

Make sure that it’s a full-length dress with a slit up the side as Megara was nothing if not daring in all of her life choices. So why shouldn’t you be as well while cosplaying her? *wink*



Megara’s hair although iconic wasn’t anything truly different. She has a high pony wrapped up in Gold ribbon. This gives her a very regal look while simultaneously keeping her hair out of the way when she is kicking the crap out of anyone who crosses her. Her hair is used as a symbol of her independence and lack of need for help in any aspect of her life.


Megara is an awesome choice for cosplay, as said before woman fierce and who wouldn’t want to be her. I mean she tangled with Hades and came out on top! Not only that but she got her man too and was finally given the happiness she deserved and more. Megara is truly worthy of being a princess as she has all the qualities and makings of a wondrous one. So hurry up and place your order before time runs out and you’re left without a dress.

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