Purple Princess Megara Dress for Adult

Today, CoserZ likes to introduce Megara dress, which one of Princess dresses collection. Therefore, who is Megara that better known as Meg? Come on! Let’s go on as follow.

Out of all of the DS princesses who aren’t really princesses, no one does sass quite like Megara, also known as Meg, from Hercules. This hard-headed and powerful woman is proud to be an independent woman who knows how to take care of herself. Even when faced with a hero, she is quick to tell him that she doesn’t need to be saved and is ready to move on with her life. Unfortunately for Megara, she kind of works for the bad side. Fortunately for Meg, her downfall and her saving grace is just how strong her capacity for love is. Above about Megara information, are you ready to cosplay her with purple Megara dress?

Despite the fact that Meg is basically the sassiest character ever written, she has an absolute heart of gold, which is why everyone alive would be honored to cosplay her wearing purple Megara dress. Meg has an amazing look, a battle-ready attitude, and the heart of a demigod sitting in the metaphorical back pocket of her Meg dress. She has the kind of demeanor that little girls everywhere want to embody, and with our Megara dress, you can do exactly that. You don’t have to be the toughest girl around, but when you slip into our Meg cosplay dress, you might just find yourself ready to start mouthing off to some seriously dangerous mythic beasts.


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Megara’s signature look is an absolutely stunning purple dress. It is designed in a beautiful ancient Greek style that is perfect for making you feel like you stepped out of real life and into a dreamy romance and Titan fueled battleground. Not only will it make you look absolutely amazing, it will make you feel like you are ready to face the Gospel Truth and take on any and all battles. If you are looking for a fun way to bring a completely amazing DS Princess dress cosplay option to the table, purple Megara dress will help you absolutely take the cake.

Megara is a completely independent character who more than deserves her very own movie, but we just wouldn’t feel right leaving out her costar. Considering Hercules is the name of the movie, we figured it might be pretty relevant to also offer a Hercules costume cosplay (CoserZ will list the pictures of Hercules costume as below). We absolutely love Hero, but honestly, we think a Hercules costume cosplay simply isn’t complete without a Megara cosplayer by his side. Fortunately, both of our cosplay options here are completely amazing and will make you and a partner look great.


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Megara has a spirit that surpasses just about any Princess character. She is clever, dedicated, and knows how to read a room better than just about anyone. We love just how unapologetically herself she is, and we are proud to offer her up as one of our cosplay options. Each and every one of us has something that they could learn from Meg, which is why we are so excited to see just how much you guys love stepping into her character. Meg might not want to say that she is in love, but we will proudly state that we love this purple Megara dress option and hope that you will too!

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