Professional Adult Grey Gandalf Costume

Do you know the movie Lord of the Rings? Frodo, Sam-wise, Mary, or Pippin? If you do, you must know who is Gandalf, wearing the Grey Gandalf costume. This particular Lord of the Rings character is beloved by all. He is equal parts dangerous, wise, fun, sarcastic and mysterious. I mean who wouldn’t want to be him? His fireworks are absolutely amazing and his magic and will-power even more so! How many wizards otherwise do you think could resist the All-powerful ring of Sauron or create a huge dragon firework. This is why Gandalf is the perfect man to cosplay at any cosplay party you may go to with this professional Gandalf costume.

The grey costume doesn’t even have to be specific to gender! It’s up to you, woman or man to decide who you want to be. Let me make it easier for you, CoserZ store launches the adult Gandalf costume in the store and make your costume hopes and dreams come true.


How to order authentic Gandalf costume

If you are custom making your Gandalf Grey costume, you need to send your accurate measurements to the CoserZ designers who will make it fit your body perfectly. Therefore,  the grey gandalf robes aren’t too big or too small on your body. The designers will make sure that the costume is absolutely perfect as long as you provide them with the following measurements:

  1.    Height______inches/cm
  2.    Bust______inches/cm
  3.    Waist______inches/cm   
  4.    Hips______inches/cm
  5.    Shoulder______inches/cm

The grey Gandalf wizard hat

The Gandalf Grey costume will never be complete unless and until you have the grey Wizard hat throughout the Lord of The Rings. You’ll be practically naked without it. The hat is the finishing touch on an absolutely spectacular costume that you have had made for yourself. People are going to give you a wide berth at the parties you go to, in fear so that you don’t turn them into toads. The Gandalf costume from CoserZ includes the wizard hat. Don’t worry!!

Gandalf Beard and Wig

Finally,  if you truly want to round up your Grey Gandalf attire, you need a beard. It doesn’t matter if you, yourself are young, Gandalf was an old man and his beard truly brought the character to life. So do it justice and buy a fake beard for the entirety of the party, have fun, make some knots in it and watch the wonder in a child’s eyes grow as you depict his or her all-time favorite Lord of the Rings character. On the other hand, If you order the costume from CoserZ, you also can get the Gandalf beard and wig for free.

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