Princess Esmeralda Costume for Women

Do you love gypsies? Have you seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Then, you must know all about the beautiful and sensational gypsie Esmeralda. This beautiful character from historical animation is a fan-favorite. Esmeralda is rock and roll, tough and does not take any crap from anyone. She knows what’s right and what’s wrong and will fight for it no matter the cost. She is a beautiful character inside and out, which is one of the reasons why many people like cosplaying her at cosplay parties wearing Esmeralda costume and of course Halloween. 

Not only does Esmeralda have an awesome personality, she is also an exotic beauty. People love dressing up as her with the unique Esmeralda costume especially when they want to be sexy and sweet at the same exact time because that is exactly what and who Esmeralda’s character was created to be.

Custom design

If you want the perfect Esmeralda costume then head on to All you have to do is give the following measurements and you will have the perfect Esmeralda costume from CoserZ store.

The measurements needed are:

  1.    Height______inches/cm
  2.    Bust______inches/cm
  3.    Waist______inches/cm   
  4.    Hips______inches/cm
  5.    Shoulder______inches/cm

Now it is very important that the measurements you provide are accurate because Esmeralda’s dress is very form fitting and cinched at the waist, so one wrong measurement and bye-bye perfect Esmeralda dress.

Esmeralda cosplay Jewelry

Esmeralda is a gypsie and gypsies are known to wear a lot of bangles, wispy necklaces and beautiful headsets that shine as they dance and have fun. So if you want to be the Perfect Esmeralda you should wear lots of tinkling bangles that go with your dress along with a few well-bought necklaces as well as an intricate headset that will wow everyone who looks at you.


Bringing the whole cosplay together, you need to have the perfect amount of eyeliner applied to your eyelids. Esmeralda’s eyes are heavily yet not too ostentatiously lidded with black eyeliner. When you cosplay her, should make sure that the makeup you apply straddles the line between sexy and too much makeup accurately.

Esmeralda costume is a great choice if you want to cosplay anyone from the animated world. Esmeralda is rock and roll and an inspiration to women and children out there. She is everything you want to be and more so why not fulfill your fantasies and cosplay her for the party you are about to attend.

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