Plus Size Adult Queen of Hearts Costume for Women

How to cosplay Queen of Hearts? You need Queen of Hearts costume ( or named Red Queen costume), her wig and the makeup. CoserZ team is here to introduce more for you.

The Queen of Hearts, such a beautiful name for a villainous individual. This character is one of the most controversial and unique characters ever created in cartoon animation history. She has become even more controversial after the release of the hit live action “Alice through the Looking Glass.”

More commonly called the Red Queen in comparison to her sister the White Queen, the Queen of Hearts is a character which breaks all stereotypes. This character is childish, stubborn, arrogant and accepting of the world’s oddities because she herself was one of the oddities of the world and this is exactly why the Red Queen is a good idea for cosplay or when you just wanna dress up be silly. Following three steps, No.1 Queen of Hearts costume, No.2 Her wig, No.3 Makeup!

If you want a good quality Queen of Hearts costume (standard size or plus size) with all the trappings, you can get it here and have your wish come true without a hassle or a haggle.  There is the detail pictures of Queen of Hearts costume as follow.


Custom Size

To customize Red Queen costume, the beauty of customization is that you never have to worry about not finding a dress in your size.  As you know, you only need to give the following correct measurements and your Queen of Hearts dress will be specifically tailored to fit you.

  1. Height______inches/cm
  2. Bust______inches/cm
  3. Waist______inches/cm   
  4. Hips______inches/cm
  5. Shoulder______inches/cm

Extra small, small, medium, large or plus sized, whatever your size is, it can be made, there is nothing to be ashamed about. After all, our bodies are beautiful and we as women should feel empowered from our bodies rather de-powered because of societies pressures. Just like the Queen of Hearts! After all this particular Queen actually created her own kingdom where she gathered all the misfits together so that they could live harmoniously and those who didn’t, well, she is the Queen, so “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

Hair and Makeup!

While cosplaying the Red Queen, you have the Queen of Hearts costume and need to make sure that your hair is like the Queen’s. It should be an afro, and bright orange with a little crown in the middle of your head. While your makeup should be literally painted onto you. Bright blue triangular makeup painted on a white base with pouty red lips and heavy kohl.

The Red Queen truly is a wonder, isn’t she! Her style can be adapted onto anyone. No matter their size, weight or skin tone. It doesn’t matter to the Queen of Hearts whether you are a size small or a plus sized individual, all she cares about is how odd you are. *wink*

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