Jasmine Costume 2019 and Aladdin Costume Live Action Outfits

Today, we like to introduce the costumes collection of Aladdin (2019 film), such as Jasmine costume 2019, Aladdin costume, Genie costume, and so on.

Film live-action Aladdin 2019 was released on May 24, 2019, Will Smith as the genie, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Mena Massoud as Aladdin. Out of the theater, we find Jasmine costume is so amazing and fantastic. Let's cosplay Princess Jasmine and Aladdin this Halloween! We think it is a very good idea.

Therefore, CoserZ team launches total 6 versions of the Aladdin 2019 film costumes, which are 4 versions of Jasmine costume and 2 versions of Aladdin costume.

CoserZ team appreciate your time to explore Princess Jasmine and Aladdin costumes in the store.

2019 Princess Jasmine Costume Live Action Outfits From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-princess-jasmine-costume-live-action-outfits-for-adults

2019 Film Princess Jasmine Red Costume Outfit From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-film-princess-jasmine-red-costume-new-outfit

2019 Jasmine Princess Costume Red Outfit From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-jasmine-princess-costume-for-adults-red-outfit

2019 Princess Jasmine Costume Real Life Version Outfits
From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-princess-jasmine-costume-for-adults-the-real-life-version-outfits

Aladdin 2019 Film Prince Aladdin Costume
From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-film-new-prince-aladdin-costume-for-adult-men-boys

Aladdin 2019 Film Prince Aladdin New Costume Red Outfit From https://www.coserz.com/collections/aladdin/products/aladdin-2019-film-prince-aladdin-new-costume-red-outfit

Thank you very much again for your time. If you need any other costumes for Halloween, please don't hesitate to contact with CoserZ. We guarantee you will receive your orders in time.

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