How to Order Elsa Costume with Custom-made Size and Special Requests

When customers want to order Elsa cosplay costumes with custom-made measurements in CoserZ store, they can just order it and send the details of the customized measurements and other requests to CoserZ team, clicking Contact-US  button in the store. CoserZ team will add those information into the order correctly. 

CoserZ team share the guides form one of customers, excellent measurements and requests. Please take a look for help. Thank you very much!

The text is as follows.

HI I just put a order in (Order #****) for Elsa dress custom made with expedited shipping.

Specifications and Requests:
1) Need order by July 3rd for event hence paid extra for fast shipping - please let me know if it will be late so can make arrangements for the event

2) Need to be able to remove cloak/cape - please make it adjustable for removal with buttons/loops on side

3) Need it for a petite/short person at 5 feet 2 inches and not have cape drag on ground (or make it so that it can be lifted and secured to a loop on both sides so it does not drag on ground

4) Measurements use standard measurements you have for Size 4 EXCEPT for height please and that would be 5 feet 2 inches tall.

First time ordering form you and already burned by another merchant on an Elsa dress so please please if extra attention can be made on this one would be appreciated. For a large event/princess business and if done well - will switch our upcoming costume orders to you instead :). Thank you for your diligence and attention to detail.

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