Haunted Mansion Tightrope Dress - Sally Slater Tightrope Walker Dress

We like to suggest the Haunted Mansion tightrope dress, which is also known Sally Slater tightrope walker dress for you. It is not only an amazing dress but also a good cosplay idea during Halloween.

If you’ve ever read the comic book series, The Haunted Mansion, or been to The Haunted Mansion attraction, you know that Sally Slater is a seemingly harmless villain. Also known by her alias, Daisy de la Cruz, Sally Slater is a beautiful but greedy tightrope walker who turns men into alligators after taking their gifts, money, and affection.

Now you can replicate Daisy’s seductive and charming nature when you don her iconic Haunted Mansion tightrope dress, umbrella, and ballerina tightrope-walking shoes. With a dark fitted collar and corset, a printed fluffed skirt and poofed ribbon sleeves, this Haunted Mansion Sally Slater tightrope walker dress is a perfect replica of the one seen in popular representations of this elusive character.

Fine-tuned to be the best Haunted Mansion tightrope Sally Slater dress on the market, no one will doubt that you just stepped out of The Haunted Mansion. Pretty pink ballerina slippers tie up the ankles over nude tights to keep you warm and comfortable. The Haunted Mansion tightrope dress and sleeves are both fitted with layers of tulle to keep the skirt and arms round and full, giving the illusion that you yourself are a character out of a comic book. A dainty umbrella and fitted white gloves fill out the details.

All you need to bring is your pretty pink lips and Sally Slater’s signature removed facial expression to complete the look. Dazzle and mystify all your friends with the best costume they’ve ever seen!

Perfect for cosplay, Halloween costumes, and themed parties, this Haunted Mansion tightrope dress villain costume can be worn again and again. It’s an even better addition to your closet if you can find a partner to be your woman-eating alligator.

Whether you want to be the version of Sally Slater that attracts and manipulates men or the ghostly figure devoured by her own resentful pets is up to you. Either way, with Haunted Mansion tightrope dress cosplay costume, you can be sure it will fit perfectly.

With custom sizing for nearly every aspect of this Haunted Mansion tightrope Walker Sally Slater dress, it will fit perfectly along your curves no matter what body type you have. Made from the highest-quality fabrics, you’ll be the center of attention with both comfort and style!

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