Hades Costume for Male & Female

Hades costume for man or women is the nice choice during Halloween. CoserZ is here to customize Hades cosplay costume with your exact measurements or standard size, which we guarantee it will fit like a glove.

As far as fabulous DS villains go, Hades, god of the Underworld, without question takes the cake. Therefore, Hades costume is a good choice if you have a big cosplay party. This sassy and temperamental god has been bound to the Underworld by his older brother and never quite got over it. When he’s not lamenting the incompetence of everyone around him, he is actively plotting to bring about the downfall of Mount Olympus. It might just be his godly ambition, but we can’t help but love everything about Hades. He has a perfect flair for the dramatic that makes him hold a special place in our cosplay loving hearts.

Piecing together the perfect god of the Underworld cosplay isn’t easy, which you should get perfect Hades costume and Hades hair, but we have to admit that we kind of nailed it. Hades is known for his signature godly gown cosplay costume that is equally fabulous and flowy. This blue-skinned being with flame hair is known for swishing around in his delightful costume that very clearly states “I am the god of the Underworld” without overdoing it. It is a muted color scheme that makes it really stand out when Hades’ hair explodes every time someone nearby annoys him.

Hades Costume for Male: https://www.coserz.com/collections/sales-promotion/products/custom-hades-costume-hades-cosplay-halloween-costume-for-adult

Our Hades costume is designed in true Hades style. Since he is the ruler of the Underworld, we prepared his outfit in properly broody shades of gray and black to ensure that he has the best possible look when dancing through the underground caverns. This Hades outfit is perfectly modeled in true ancient Greek style in order to ensure that you have the character down just as well as you do the time period. You know, like that time when Hades was actually stalking around in Earth’s basement. The Hades costume is even fitted with a skull button to signal to anyone who might ask that he is, in fact, responsible for the dead.

Hades Costume for Female First version: https://www.coserz.com/collections/sales-promotion/products/custom-female-hades-costume-hades-cosplay-costume-dress-for-women

Second version: https://www.coserz.com/collections/sales-promotion/products/custom-female-hades-costume-hades-cosplay-dress-for-adults

Admittedly, we were unable to design a true flaming blue Hades wig for safety reasons. While we are just as bummed out about it as you are, we know that you will do your part when it comes to managing Hades’ signature blue look on your end. We are happy to provide the Hades outfit so long as you can manage to bring together the blue stage makeup and hair dye. When you bring Hades costume, Hades cosplay wig and the makeup all together, you are going to be ready to rearrange the cosmos.

Hades has more personality in the tips of his flaming hair than most characters do in their entire bodies. Whether he is making deal or simply spilling the tea about the gods, we absolutely love the amazing energy that he brings. That is just one reason why we are so happy to pay our tribute to this ruler of the dead by providing you with an absolutely amazing Hades costume option. As long as you are ready to put your sass levels on high, you will love walking around in this cosplay. Hades is a character that everyone absolutely loves, so enjoy showing off with this one!


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