Buddy the Elf Outfit: Green Jacket, Yellow Pants & Hat

If you love Christmas, our Elf Movie Buddy Costume is the perfect outfit for you! Buddy the Elf is an iconic holiday character perfect for any time of year. You can dress up as Buddy for Halloween, Christmas parties, and cosplay events all throughout the year! This Buddy the Elf Outfit is one that won’t go used in your closet.

This Buddy the Elf outfit is gender-neutral, so anyone can wear it comfortably! Better yet, our costumes are custom designed for your exact measurements. Whether you have a large or flat chest or wide or narrow hips, this Buddy elf costume is sure to fit you perfectly.

The colors of this Buddy Elf outfit are exact matches to the ones you’ve seen Will Ferrel wearing in Elf. With accurate details from head to toe, everyone will know who you are.

Bright yellow pants serve as Buddy’s signature tights—and you won’t have to worry about them being too revealing. The high quality fabric ensures that no one will be able to see through the material, no matter how stretched it becomes.

A felt green Buddy Elf jacket with long sleeves serves as the main piece of this Buddy the Elf outfit. With a fuzzy white collar and fuzzy white cuffs on the ends of the sleeves, this Buddy costume is sure to impress your closes friends and family. Buddy’s jacket is complete with a wide black belt and golden embroidery that runs along the edges of the shirt.

An elf costume would not be complete without the classic black pointed shoes and pointed hat. A green felt hat to match the buddy the elf jacket is included in this costume. A fat golden stripe crosses the middle of the cap, and a red feather sticks out near the back.

No matter who you are, what body type you have, or what gender you identify with, our Buddy the Elf outfit is the next best thing you’ll own. No matter what time of year it is—Halloween, Christmas, or any time in-between—you can cosplay as Buddy with pride.

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