Best Princess Jasmine costume for Adults

Princess Jasmine is one of the most daring, provocative and strong princesses that the TWDC company has ever created. She is rock and roll, girl power and women fierce. Jasmine is one of the princesses that is seen in many costumes throughout her animated movie but most people prefer it when they cosplay her to use the dress she was first introduced in.
This dress is made up of a thin wispy material that flows as jasmine walks. If you look closer than you can see that it has been embroidered with either jewels or flowers. The dress is also one of the few that is not a gown but has a ‘loose trouser’ so that life is made easy for Jasmine when she feels like escaping the palace. This dress is a light shade of green and is one of the most unique and beautiful designs in TWDC princess history.

Custom design
Do you want the perfect Jasmine dress? Then head on to and you are guaranteed to have the best cosplay that will be seen for miles.

All you need to do is give the following measurements accurately and without fail so that the dress comes out perfect and you are a happy camper.
1. Height______inches/cm
2. Bust______inches/cm
3. Waist______inches/cm
4. Hips______inches/cm
5. Shoulder______inches/cm
You can add in your own designs to this dress as well, make it more your style but keep the essence of the original Princess Jasmine costume intact.

Jasmine's hair isn’t one of the things that make her stand out, her hair is mostly inside a low ponytail but it’s the crown on her head that shouts to the world who she truly is. This crown or headband is truly a thing of beauty and a good cosplayer will make sure that they are wearing this crown while cosplaying Princess Jasmine.

So what are you waiting for, go and get your inch tape and start measuring, if you’re in a hurry for the dress to get here and fast you can even place a rush order on the dress and it will be with even sooner than planned? While waiting for the dress you make sure that you have all the other things ready to have the perfect cosplay. You might even win a costume competition with how perfect your disguise will be. You won’t even need your own ‘Ranjha’ to make people understand that it’s truly a Princess Jasmine incarnate.

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