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Today, we like to introduce the figure who is Lady Tremaine, including Lady Tremaine costume and her wig.

As soon as you hear the words “Wicked” and “Step-Mother,” especially together i.e. “Wicked Step-Mother,” you think of either of the two fictional characters, the Evil Queen from Snow White and the 7 dwarfs or Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. This particular step-mother from Cinderella is a thing of horrors and treatment poor Cinderella receives from her is absolutely abysmal. Although other than her vindictiveness, dear Lady Tremaine is also quite known for her maliciousness, cunning, regalness and of course her wickedness.
Lady Tremaine has the poise of a Queen and the mind of a politician and her appearance clearly symbolizes it. She is always dressed in opaque and dark colors which bring out the rigidness in her body. So if you want to be someone who has the look of a queen yet also has a shrewd mind then Lady Tremaine costume is the perfect one for you and I know the perfect place where you can get your desired Lady Tremaine costume from. Just go to

Custom Lady Tremaine costume Size
Make sure that while you are ordering your adult Lady Tremaine costume that you give in the correct measurements so that no errors are made and your dress is given to you without any sort of fault or problem. From the quality of fabric to the type of stitching and fitting, everything has to be perfect. Following are the measurements that you need to provide to make your Lady Tremaine costume perfect:

The Lady Tremaine Wig
Lady Tremaine’s salt and pepper hair are quite famous. Yet another thing to add to her regal visage! It goes without saying that to have the perfect regal cosplay of Lady Tremaine, you need to have the iconic salt and pepper wig set on your head. You can bejewel your wig with a little headset.

Last but not least is the makeup and Jewelry needed to be the perfect Lady Tremaine is good to pair diamond studs and necklace, along with a feathered fan to hide the malicious smirk trademarked to Lady Tremaine. So hurry up and put a rush order on your costume so you can go out and judge your fellow cosplayers by being better than all the rest like Lady Tremaine is from all the other dignitaries in the King’s court. She truly is the Wickedest Step-Mother and you will be too, all you have to do is smirk rather than smile.

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